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November Snow And Sports Catalog Cheats Arrive

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Yay!! Finally the new Club Penguin Snow and Sports Catalog is out, and this time there is more than one cheat! Here are the cheats:


Here's how to find the Green Hockey Jersey:


1. Go to the first page

2. Click on the green penguin



You have now found the Green Hockey Jersey!


Here's How to find the Green Goalie Gear:


3. Go to the second page

4. Click on the green penguin




You have now found the Green Goalie Gear!


Here's how to find the White Pom-Poms:


5. Go to the third page

6. Click on the word "ICE"




You have now found the White Pom-Poms!


What? Only three cheats again??? Well... at least that's better than nothing :-)



#1 Cplol 2009-11-27 13:23
lol i was expecting somthing better then 3 cheats... =:P
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