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New Furniture Catalog Mar/Apr Edition!

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This is awesome! Club penguin released this early too! It's the new furniture catalog and here's the cheats:


Here's how to find the Clover Balloon:

1. Go to the first page

2. Click on the top of the Tree Stump


You have now found the Clover Balloon!

Here's how to find the Clover Garland:

3. Stay on the first page

4. Click on the stone at the bottom of the Well



You have now found the Clover Garland! 

Here's how to find the Blue Lamp:

5. Go to the second page

6. Click on the mailbox door



Here's how to find the Snowboard Rack:

7. Go to the fourth page

8. Click on the ski poles



You have now found the Snowboard Rack! 

Here's how to find the Portal Box

9. Go to the fifth page

10. Click on the cushion on the Stone Couch



You have now found the Portal Box!

Here's how to find the HD TV:

11. Stay on the fifth page

12. Click on the bottom part of the lamp



You have now found the HD TV!

Also there's a new Igloo Catalog out.



Same old same ould, but there's a new shamrock igloo!





#2 flowergal3 2011-03-03 07:29
Those igloo furniture items are awesome!
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#1 jumble3mumbo 2010-03-14 17:12
Holy moly many cheats many cheats!!!:-)aws ome igloo!
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