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Medieval Catalog Updated!

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Hello my medieval penguin friends! Today as I was inside the bazzar, I saw that CP had finally updated the catalog with the Purple Dragon Costume (which is super cute ;-)) and the Lute.


Now there's two cheats. If you click on the puffle on the blue tabard you get the bracers.



If you click on the lute you get the purple dragon feet :)



So yea do you like the Purple Dragon Costume? Leave me a reply down in the comments and don't forget to rate :) Also in other new I just finished the 6 chapter long story about Princess Sk8tergrl doing her quest. It's really awesome so go check out all 6 chapters in the links below :)


Read Chapter 1!

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Read Chapter 6




#2 coolio 2011-05-30 10:05
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#1 HOT ONE 1123 2011-05-27 22:53
Oh cool i really didnt know! lolz XD
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