New Dance Lounge AND Bit's and Bolt's Game!

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Well... time for the Dance Lounge to be renovated. Let's see what it looks like now:



Well.... COOLIO!!! This is a sweet hangout place when our tired flippers can take a break from busting out a move :) You can see other penguins dancing below, hit targets and play some games. Along with this comes a new game called Bit's and Bolt's.





This is a really cool game! Check it out :)



#2 puffle9000 2011-04-02 18:56
i wanna play the unplugged game next to the bits and bolts game in the dance lounge and i wanna earn stamps but i don't know when the bits and bolts stamps are comming
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#1 puffle9000 2011-04-02 18:55
what is that game next to it that is unplugged?
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