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Club Penguin Times Issue #315

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New Pufflescape Game Is Out Now!



Drop what you're doing now and roll into the Pet Shop - Pufflescape is ready to explore! This new game challenges puffles to puzzle their way through the underground caves. The Club Penguin Times spoke with some of the penguins who made this game possible.

"Pufflescape is fun and it makes you think," said Riffy8888, a member of the game's 'Beta Team'. "It's all about timing tricky jumps, and finding hidden secrets," said another Beta Team member. "If you do it right, it should be smooth sliding. Any Puffle can play the game - and  it has a ton of stamps and levels to keep them busy. If you get stuck, try clicking on parts of the cave. You never know when an icicle may come in handy!"


Card-Jistu Party Coming!



Prepare - a grand Card-Jitsu celebration is coming November 24! Sensei announced this week that the celebration will be island-wide. He hopes it will bring the intense action of Card Jitsu to everyone. "I have watched the elements closely for a sign. Fire and Water are growing in power. I believe if more ninjas join our journey, it will bring about great changes. But before that can happen, more must learn about the ancient ways. So let us celebrate... and battle!" When asked about the still mythical Card-Jitsu Snow, Sensei answered it is not time yet. "The elements have shown that Card-Jitsu Snow is near. We must be patient - the elements will reveal when the time is right." Prepare for the party by training in the Dojo. The battle begins November 24!


And the Upcoming events:



November 10: Better Igloos, Igloo Upgrades

November 17: New Pin

November 24: Card-Jitsu battle!


So do you think the Card Jitsu fire/water will be for non-members too?




#1 Blarney 2011-11-09 22:03
I think so

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