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Club Penguin Times Issue #317

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Party Construction is On!



Ninjas are teaming up with workers to speed construction of the Card-Jitsu Party. "The island must be battle ready before the party begins November 24," said one ninja. "We're transforming the Stadium into and epic Card-Jitsu Arena! Competition will be fierce! Battles are going to be HUGE."

One construction worker plans to get in on the action. "Working up close with ninjas has me convinced - I need to start training for the party," he says. "As soon as I finish unloading these rocks, I'm heading to the dojo. I don't want to miss any of the ninja action!" Ninjas and workers report to the Stadium. If construction goes as planned, the Card-Jitsu party will begin on November 24!


New Ninja Stage Soon!


As a tribute to the upcoming Card-Jitsu party, a special play is coming to the Stage. "Fire, water, snow - each element is honored with it's own unique animal costume," said one of the ninjas behind the production. "Great mystery surrounds these noble creatures. But their shadow skills are all the more impressive." Choose your animal costume and wear it behind the paper screen. Your costume's shadow form will be revealed at the stage on November 24.


And the Upcoming Events:


Now: Earn the construction stamp.

November 24: Card Jitsu Party, New Stage

Dec 1: New pin

Coming Soon: Martial Artworks




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