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Club Penguin Times Issue #323

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Coins for Change Fills the Lighthouse!



It's official - the Lighthouse is absolutely full of coins! This year's Coins for Change has ended, and donators are celebrating. "This was our goal from the start," said one volunteer. "We worked together and we did it!"

Filling the Lighthouse with donations has become an annual event, but that doesn't make it easy. Volunteers raced, surfed and worked their hearts out. "At one point I was a little nervous," said another volunteer. "The Lighthouse is a lot bigger than it looks. But there are TONS of generous penguins out there." Now the counting begins. Penguins and puffles alike will spend the next week counting up the donations. Results will be posted at the Beach and in the Newspaper. "Thanks everyone who donated," said a proud penguin. "It was so amazing. You guys are the best. You really have made the world a better place."


Happy New Years!



Fireworks are filling the skies above the isalnd this week. The year 2012 is here, and many penguins are celebrating at the Iceberg. A reporter dropped by to ask party goers about their favorite parts of 2011. "Earth Day party, no doubt!" said a construction worker told us. "I loved the egg hunt and dressing up as a Snow Leapord. Plus we were helping out a good cause."  "I really enjoyed the fair." A baker said. "The games and prizes were sweet. And I got to meet Rockhopper."   "The things I like best are surprises" a ninja commented. "Like discovering new parts of the island and new abilites. This year was full of them! I  bet there are tons of surprises in store next year." 2012 is certain to be an eventful year - and the Club Penguin Times will be there for every scoop. Happy New Year!


And the Upcoming events:



Until Jan 5. Fireworks

Jan 5. Penguin Style.

Jan 12. Twelfth fish, new pin



Happy Holidays CPL!



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