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Underwater Furniture Making A Splash


To celebrate the Underwater Expedition on Jan. 26, the Better Igloos catalog has lots of new underwater items. "It was a lot of work," said a designer. "but we managed to gather enough seaweed, barnacles, and seawater, to make the furniture look real. Though, I guess that's because it's real."

The Underwater Expedition has the whole island buzzing - or should we say bubbling? Many are wondering what they might find underneath the island, so the designers got to work. "We wanted to give everyone a chance to get their igloos ready before the expedition starts," said one designer. " So we worked around the clock to finish this catalog. Rookie even helped us out by sending us some designs he drew," the designer added. "though, some of the designs were eaten by orange puffles, since they were drawn in mustard."

Check out the new items and furniture in the latest Better Igloos Catalog - avalible in every igloo.


First ever Fashion Show Feb. 2!



Grab your fab friends and your favorite outfit - the Gift Shop is holding it's first ever fashion show Feb 2! 
"We're talking a whole new level of win." said Candence, the famous DJ. "Check it - we're gonna need stylist, photographers, models, body guards, fashion designers, judges, puffle designers experts, you name it! Like a free fluffy fish, this show is going to be off the hook!" she added. "So start trying on some sweet styles at the gift shop. You'll want to show off your coolest looks. It's gonna be ICE!" Check out next week's Club Penguin Times for more info.


And the upcoming events:



Now: Better Igloos

Jan 26:  New pin, underwater expedition

Feb 2: Penguin Style, Fashion Show


Waddle On CPL!



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