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Club Penguin wanted to know last week: Do you like the Lavender, Maroon, or Aqua? And why? They wanted to know this because of tomorrow, the penguin color vote. The team chose Coolman's answer. He said: Coolman said:
i like...ALL OF THEM its so hard to choose. I like aqua cuz i love the color blue. I like Maroon cuz its a fun bright color! And last but not least i like Lavender because it is a summer color and it is summer! U rock cp!!!!!!!! Untill then waddle on!


Club Penguin Penguins Painting

Club Penguin Penguins Painting


Thanks Coolman!!!

This week, the team wants to know: What your favorite party area is - and why?
In Other News: The Writing contest has begun, go to the newspaper and write a story. The winner gets 10101 coins and a special postcard!!!


Oh and don't forget about the color vote tomorrow in the Forest! What color will the new be? What color will you choose?


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