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Dark Sky Around The Dojo | October Postcards

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Ok this is even weirder than the orange sky a couple of weeks ago on Club Penguin. There is a dark sky, but not around the entire island, only around the Dojo. Check it out.


Dark Sky Around The Dojo

Dark Sky Around The Dojo


Dark Sky In The Ninja Hideout

Dark Sky In The Ninja Hideout


Yeah... I know weird. Also if you notice, all of the paper lanterns are lit up... I think the new room is almost done. Yes, I know that I've said that about a million times, but yeah, now I think It's almost done. :-)


And completely off topic, there are new postcards. Here they are.


October 2009 New Postcards

October 2009 New Postcards


What do you think of the new postcards? I like the Halloween ones!




#2 XRumerTest 2010-04-04 01:30
Hello. And Bye.
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#1 kaleigh 1997 2009-10-11 16:27
THis is kinda weird.. Do u agree???
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