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Herbert's Revenge: Club Penguin's SECOND DS Game!

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Yay! It's been over a year since Club Penguin has released the original Elite Penguin Force, and Club Penguin is excited to say that their making a new EPF game being released in mid 2010: Herbert's Revenge! I am definitely buying this!This is so exciting! I can't wait!

This game will have lots of cool new editions added too it including some of the old stuff and some new stuff!

I also found some behind the scenes footage:


Oh my gosh! This is definitely the coolest thing I have ever found!

Oh yea and remember a couple of months ago when Club Penguin had us look at a penguin who looked like Dot The Disguise Gal for the original EPF game? Well we were right! And this is the best part: The mission will be coming out very soon, and yes- it includes Dot!



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