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Reviwed By You!

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Cool! This week's reviewed by you was by Sidicage. Here's what they said:


The coolest adventure I have had with a puffle was, my pink puffle, named pink, and I went aqua grabbing. That was so much fun we went exploring everywhere. We saw a giant clam and slipped away with it’s big pearl, We cleaned up soda barrels, we earned a bunch of coins together. It was the best time ever! I cant wait to have more adventures with my other puffle’s. See you at the puffle party!!


Thanks Sidicage! This week CP wants to know what sports you and your friends like to play.




#1 Adnan 2012-03-19 23:18
i was an ORIGINAL epf agent . if you had owned the elite penguin force ds game in 2007 you could reedem the code and boom ur an epf agent then stupid club penguin released it to the public . now i HATE cp and i love minecraft

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