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Medieval Reviewed By You!

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Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what we were enjoying most about the Medieval party. Here's what Purpeilia said:


My favorite? Definitely the wizard tower! Me and my buddies play "wizard school," where two people are teachers and the rest are students, and the full wizards get wings! My favorite activity is potions, and i like how potions are spilled EVERYWHERE! Those are some messy wizards! Waddle On CP! (PS i love the arena and tree forts too!)



Thanks Purpelia!

This week Club Penguin wants to know what the most difficult problem as an agent was to solve.

I have to say that when I had just started the PSA, I had finnished missions 1 and 2. I remember on 3, I couldn't figure out what to do with the Powa Box. I finnally figured it out 3 days later, after looking all over the island, that all I needed was a simple paper clip!!! Haha! yea... 


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