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Igloo Reviewed By You!

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Last week Club Penguin wanted to know what your favorite igloo to decorate was. Here's what bluetrue2006 said:


My favorite igloo is the igloo with a yard! Where else would I put all my plants? It looks great and is fun. I use it for a beautiful garden, or sometimes an outdoor party. I think it is the best igloo! Me and my buddies love to hang out in my garden and look at all the flowers around us. Thanks for making it CP!! Waddle On!! :)



That's really cool! Thanks Bluetrue2006! This week club penguin wants to know what your doing to make a difference in your community.



#1 Ching 2012-09-06 18:39
I was cleaning prttey much all day today and it wasnt actually all that bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thursday Im going to this waterpark and going shopping. Later on in summer I might go see my cousins in July. Well Im on my cleaning break and then I have like one more hour than im done. Do you like ribeye steak? Im having that for dinner tonight! Yay! Well stay in touch and maybe we can meet on Club Penguin sometime soon.Kayla

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