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What's New French and Spanish CP!

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I haven't gotten to this yet but there's two MAJOR things happening with the French and Spanish CP. Let's do French first. This comes from the FRENCH what's new blog post which you can find here and play the video :) Anyway here's the blog post ing FRENCH :)

"Salut les pingouins !

On voulait que vous soyez les premiers à voir un petit truc sur lequel l'équipe a travaillé. Donc j'ai un aperçu un peu spécial à vous montrer aujourd'hui. Regardez un peu ça :

La vidéo passera à la télé française à partir d'aujourd'hui. Alors, qu'est-ce que vous en pensez ? Vous avez pu la voir à la télé ? Dites-nous tout dans les commentaires !

En attendant... Bonnes glissades !"


Did you get any of that? Parlez-vous anglais? Lol! Let's get the English form:


"Hello penguins!

We wanted you to be the first to see a little something on which the team worked. So I have noticed a bit special to show you today. Look at this:

The video will go on French television from today. So what do you think? You could see it on TV? Tell us in comments!

Meanwhile ... Good slides!"


WOW! A comericial! Have you seen this? I haven't but if you have send me an email and I'll post this.. Still can't get over a COMERCIAL! lol It's funny to hear the penguins talking in French!


Now off to the Spanish update. Here it is. This is on the SPANISH what's new blog which you can find here. Anyway here's the blog post in English:


"Hello, penguins!

This month the team have prepared a news supergenial. Club Penguin will move to the real world in Santiago, Chile and Mexico City! The following rinks will be decorated in the style Club Penguin:

* CeroGrado Parque Arauco (Santiago, Chile)
* CeroGrado Parque Vespucio (Santiago de Chile)
* Lomas Verdes Ice Rink (Mexico City)
* Ice Rink San Jerónimo (Mexico City)


There will also be playing! Moreover, as the surprises are few of his favorite stuff, I have prepared a number! Mmm ... but at this point I can not reveal more.

And for those who do not live in those cities, not to worry! With the team we are working to bring the fun everywhere.

Meanwhile ... Continue Penguins!"




OMG! I want to go to Chile! Are you going? If so you're so lucky! I wish I could :(

Club Penguin is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Soon enough they'll be a CP theme park! lol in your dreams Sk8tergrl483!


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