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Club Penguin Times Issue: 262

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Aniversary Party! October 24!



Page A2 talks about the 5th anniversary party! Be sure to make it on Ocxtober 24 for this special 1-day event!



Page A4 talks about the Halloween Party! There's going to be lots of spooky stuff and like always, a candy hunt!



Page B1, which is Aunt Artic's section; I don't usually do this but this seems important. On not one but BOTH of her questions are about ninjas. Here's a pictures:



Page C5, the puzzle section is Puffle-O-So-Cute-O! Here's what you get when you win:



And last but not least the upcoming events:



October 21: new pin

October 24, 5 year B-Day!

October 28: Winners of igloo contest

October 29: Halloween Party!


Really cool news this week :)


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