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Club Penguin Times Issue: 264

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New Outdoor Outfits!



Page A2 talks about the new outfits. Apparently there's going to be Mops, Unbrellas, and Boots!



A4 talks about the weather.



Page A6 has the final winners. Here's who they are:



Page C4's puzzle is dot to dot:



And the Upcoming Events:



November 11: New igloo catalog, and better igloos catalog

November 19: Newspaper announcement, new pin and Space Adventures: Planet Y


Can't wait for the RAIN!!! LET IT BEGIN!!!



#1 debbie 2010-11-06 17:09
yoooooooooooooo ooo love the cheats i did them and thay are soooooooooooooo o cool!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
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