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And The Winning Pin Is......

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So... on Wednesday, Club Penguin let us decide on a summer pin. They FINALLY came out with the results and the winning pin is..... (drumroll please ;-)


Club Penguin Winning Pin

Yea... I think its a good choice for a pin. Do you think the Adventure Party is awesome or what??? I love how they made the Super Rink into a water-soccer arena, and the water slide... wow is all I'm thinking right now ;-)


Club Penguin Super Rink


Speaking of the Adventure Party... have you guys checked out the Mine yet??? It kinda looks like somethings been going on in there.... what do you think.


Club Penguin Mine



#9 jamie5156 2009-06-14 12:27
then we will see you there!
p.s hope you have a great time=)
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#8 ispyty 2009-06-14 12:06
I am going to it too. it will be cool!
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#7 sk8tergrl483 2009-06-14 08:08
Hope to see ya there... I agree also... it's gonna be awesome!!!!
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#6 Slappy5 2009-06-14 07:56
I can't wait until the cpl party it's going to be so awesome!!!!!!
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#5 jamie5156 2009-06-13 10:22
Thnx so much pugs123!!!! We love getting comments like that!!!
Thnx again!!!!
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#4 jamie5156 2009-06-13 10:20
i'm checking out the table thats why i'm saying "hmmmmmmmmmmmmm " LOL!!!

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#3 pugs321 2009-06-13 09:26
oh yeah, and love the site. i can't believe how awseome its getting!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
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#2 pugs321 2009-06-13 09:23
whats mmmmm sktergrl?
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#1 brody97 2009-06-13 09:17
yeah.. that's the one i wanted. does it rain in cpland? :-)
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