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My Stories And Adventures: Saving The Earth With SUPER GREEN!

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I have been so happy with all the Earth Day excitement. I decided since I have a ton of stuff in my igloo to recycle that I would head down to the recycling center to make my old stuff become new!mssa7-story



Just then I heard a small purrrrr behind me. "A snow leopard!" I exclaimed.

I asked him if he was lost. He didn't reply just looked happy to see me. I guessed he was lost.



This was a job for



SUPER GREEN! LOL It is my job to save the Earth one piece of trash at a time :) Today I will be showing you

some environmentally friendly ways to save the planet :) If all of us do this we can make a BIG difference :)


First order of business to get the Snow Leopard back to it's natural habitat in high mountains of central Asia.

There are only 6,000 left so we MUST preserve them :) Back home little leopard :)


Now let's go plant a tree :) You may not know this but we breathe out what is called carbon dioxide. We breathe in

oxygen. Trees take in our carbon dioxide that we breathe out and the trees breathe out what we need to survive; oxygen :) But since we are cutting down rain forests and forests, there aren't as many trees as there should be. Even though we need trees to make paper or use it for wood for houses, those aren't as important as breathing. Also we are making many animals who live in those trees move so we can use their homes for our own uses!! Please help to preserve trees by planting a tree or even just a couple of plants in your home! Like I said every bit counts!



The Next thing I'm going to talk about is recycling.  Recycling is when you take paper, plastic, and glass and the

garbage men take it to the recycling center to make new paper plastic and glass items :) this cuts down our

energy and resources that make these items. Why take when you can make old stuff new again? You can go to the

recycling plant and throw snowballs into the funnel to make trash, and it comes out with new stuff!



Now I love fresh grown veggies. They are SOOO healthy and they are a lot better than the stuff frozen in the

package. This is the real deal and they make you BIG and STRONG! Make your own garden in your backyard or

on your balcony :) All it takes is some dirt, seeds (you can pick these up at home depot or any other plant shop:))

sunlight and water :) Like I said this is the best :)



Litter is a very bad thing. It can get into our water supply, animals can think it is food and end up choking and dying :( It also harms the environment around us. It takes about 1,000 years for one Styrofoam cup to break down. That's a long time. Help the environment by picking up trash other lazy people left behind or better yet, set a trend or example and just don't do it! It's as simple as that! Just throw it away! Don't let other animals die because of your careless act.



That's Super Green's tips to make this Earth Day good for you and the environment :) I hope you guys will use some of these to make your neighborhood cleaner, healthier, and environmentally friendly :) I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY Earth Day!



#3 alex 2011-10-09 08:16
ang panget
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#2 sk8tergrl483 2011-04-22 08:55
Thank you!!! I really like when I get feedback from my fans on the web site :-) im glad that you enjoyed this article and this website and I hope you help the environment with my tips this Earth Day :-)
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#1 Disney175 2011-04-21 20:46
A nice article for Earth Day, Sk8tergrl483! I love this site! It has articles!

~Disney175 CPL Fan
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