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Last week CP wanted to know what you were doing to help the environment today (Earth Day lol) Here's what Igloogirl3 said:


Next week I am going to try my best to help our environment, because it is very important! I already have ideas - saving electricity by turning off the lights, picking up rubbish that has fallen on the ground, and saving water! But of course, I think Earth Day should be EVERY day, so we can look forward to our Earth lasting longer so our future generations can enjoy it!



If you don't know already, Rockhopper is at the island, and I'm helping you meet him :) This week CP wants to know

If you were a pirate, where on Earth would you explore?


I would want to explore the ocean. The ocean is the biggest thing on earth, but yet we haven't explored much of it :) I would love to go down into deep caverns and find some fish or crystals no one has ever seen before. This seems very exciting and neat. Who knows? Maybe one day I WILL go down and explore the ocean :)



#3 jorddan23451 2011-04-28 20:50
hi rock hoper
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#2 jorge243 2011-04-28 20:49
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#1 Toby Is Cute 2011-04-28 18:24
how do i be rockhopper?
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