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My Medieval Adventure Chapter 3

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Once we stepped off that ladder the world was silent, foggy, and empty. It looked nothing like it was back in my world yesterday. There were no children running, no knights on horses, no street venders, just Paul and me. “We might as well start going through the woods to get to the Wizard’s house.” I said. “I must know how to do my test or we might never make it out of this empty world!” “Your right,” said Paul. “Let’s go. But wait one question Princess. It usually takes 2 days to get to the Wizard’s house by foot. If you want to get there in an hour how are we going to do that?” Paul made a good point. There’s always a way. I thought. “Look around. See if we can find something with wheels or an animal. Something!”


We searched for about 5 minutes when I found us a little path behind the tree house. “Paul, how long does it take to get there by horse?” I asked excitedly. “Ummm… just shy of 45 minutes. Why?” “Because I think I just found us a way to the Wizard’s house.”



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