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After The Hydra...

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· “Ha!” I said. “Take that red dragon!” *Snowball* *Snowball* *Snowball* “Yesss!” I exclaimed. I was finishing up defeating Herbert in his latest plan with the Modified Hydras and since I had just defeated them for my medieval quest, this was a piece of cake.


· “Bye Herbert!” I said as Herbert and Klutzy were ejected out of the sizzling Hydras. In the distance you could hear Herbert saying: “You think this is the end EPF? HA! Wait til you see my next invention!” “Probably will be another failure…” I said as I started walking away.


· (Meanwhile In Herbert’s cave) “Ughhhh… Plan Plan Plan…. What can I do to get rid of those Extremely Petty Fools? KLUTZY! I’m going for a stroll. Make sure to clean up while I’m gone!” said Herbert as he went out into the cold.


· Since Gary was still testing out a few of his new inventions, there were bolts and screws and lots of other stuff just laying around. “Hmmmm…” said Herbert. “This could come in handy for something… and this…. Oh and I must pick up this. Ha! Those pesky penguins don’t know what is garbage!” said Herbert. Soon He had a lot of mechanical stuff perfect for his next prototype… whatever that would be.


· Herbert was so busy he didn’t look at the sky; a giant storm cloud was heading right for the Club Penguin Wilderness. Soon enough there was a snowstorm and Herbert was standing right in the middle of it. “I HATE THE COLD!!!


· UGHHHH!!!! Wait a minute….” Herbert exclaimed as he started running back to his cave. “KLUTZY KLUTZY I have it! Do you still have those defective Hydras?” asked Herbert excitedly. Klutzy replied with “Kluk ca-lick clock.”(Which roughly translates to: Yes they are around back of the cave.”) “Perfect”


· Meanwhile with Agent Sk8tergrl483: I was in full glory: I had defeated Herbert’s most dangerous challenge yet: The Hydra! I decided this was a great time to get a coffee and a fish pizza. So I stopped by the coffee shop and got my usual and went down to the Pizza Parlor when my spyphone rang vigorously. “Not again!” I exclaimed! “I thought I just got rid of all the evil on this island! I guess not.” I said as I picked up my spyphone.


· “Hello?” I asked “Yes Agent Sk8tergrl. I am very sorry to disturb you after you just helped us, but this is a big emergency. I need you to report to HQ immediately.” G said nervously. “On it G” I said tiredly. When I arrived to HQ there was a lot of commotion; Jet pack guy was running around, Dot was searching through a pile of papers, Rookie was checking the systems, and my poor uncle gary was quickly going through all the EPF computers searching hard. I was just standing at the door not knowing why he called me but now I knew something was bad.


· “Hi uncle Gary,” I said cautiously. “Hi agent… I really have no time to speak right now,” he said as he was searching the computer “But you are here to help and I must give you your orders.” He said wearily. “First off, thank you for coming with such little notice and after just helping us too.” He said with a grin. “We have tracked Herbert down again with that spyphone he has, and it seems as if he is going to strike, yet again, and hard. We have detected a mass amount of movement at his hideout. We figure he is using the prototype for the Hydras, which he stole along with the working ones.” Gary said.


· “Oh no! But what would he use the non-working Hydras for?” I asked curiously. “Well agent, that is your assignment today; to figure just that out, and if possible, find a way to stop what ever is going to happen from happening.” He said.


· “Ok so should I start walking over to his hideout?” I asked. “Actually no. See I have a prototype for a new penguin messenger to deliver mail, and I want you to test it out. See I will plug in Herbert’s location, and it will shoot you to there.” He said with a smile. “Oh and your going to want this.” He added as he handed me a helmet. “I’m ready.” I said bravely. “3….2….1….LAUNCHING” and I was launched out of the EPF complex and into the Club Penguin Wilderness.


· I landed very smoothly and then I started to make my way to Herbert’s den. Just then as I was at the river I saw a big cloud heading right towards me. “Snowstorm!” I exclaimed happily as it started snowing hard. It was so much fun running around in the snow I almost forgot why I was there!


· Meanwhile with Herbert: “KLUTZY! Get the Hydras from the back of the cave. I’ve got some blueprints I have to make.” Shouted Herbert. Just then someone knocked on the door. “KLUTZY GET THE DOOR!” Herbert Shouted.


· Back to Sk8tergrl: “And now back to business.” I said as I started walking towards Herbert’s den. ‘Should I knock or just barge in?’ I decided to knock.


· “Herbert!” I shouted as the door opened. “AGENT?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” exclaimed Herbert with a surprised tone. “Stopping you!” I said nobly. “Uhhh… Not before I stop you Agent!” said Herbert as he pulled a lever, and a big metal box came down right on top of me. “Not the cage again!”


· I exclaimed. “Seriously what are you doing Herbert?” I asked, annoyed. “Now that you are trapped and have no communications, I should tell you.” Said Herbert. He must have forgotten that the EPF still has spyphones. “And what exactly are you doing?” I asked Herbert again. “I will turn those Hydras into penguin eating squids that will pull this island to some place warm…. Like….. ummm… MIAMI FLORIDA! Yes! There!” Herbert exclaimed.


· Is it just me or is it that I think that Herbert doesn’t exactly have his plan ready yet…’ I thought to myself. “Klutzy,” shouted Herbert. “Unleash the kracken!” said Herbert with a menacing laugh. Klutzy pulled off a white bed sheet off a big piece of machinery. Underneath it was a three headed, fire-breathing squids. ‘nevermind….’ I added. I wondered how he managed to make hydras into squids, but he somehow did. Each squid head had a hat signal, a GPS locater, and a cockpit where I guess Herbert and Klutzy would steer. “Now Agent, GET READY TO GET TO A WARMER CLIMATE! MWA HA HA HA HA!” And with that Herbert and Klutzy took their mechanical squid invention to the Dock.


· I sighed. “Herbert Herbert Herbert, don’t you know that your machine wont work in these icy waters with icecaps and everything?” I questioned as though he could hear me. “This mission will come to an end soon once Herbert realizes that his invention won’t work.” I laughed as I phoned in Gary.


· “Hi uncle Gary!” I said cheerfully. “Oh agent! So great to hear from you. Where are you located?” Asked gary with a concerning tone. “Oh just locked up in the cage in Herbert’s den. Herbert’s plan was to modify the Hydras to make them into penguin eating squids to pull the island to Miami Florida…” I said. “He does know that they won’t work in these icy…” Gary got cut off by me. “No he doesn’t know; He thinks that they will work in such cold temperatures!” I laughed. “He’s at the Dock now probably attaching the squids to the island right now if you want to grab him. I’ll teleport there and meet you.” I said cheerfully. “Sounds great agent. Meet you there.” Said Gary.


· So I teleported out of that den and out to the docks and sure enough there was Herbert with his invention. It didn’t see like he heard us coming up behind him. “STOP HERBERT!” I yelled. “Ohhh Hi Agent, and Gary… Ummmm…. I was just looking at the beautiful water here.” Said Herbert. Not convincing enough.


· “Youre not fooling us Herbert. We know your plan give it up.” Said uncle gary. “Uhhh… Ummmm… KLUTZY GET IN THE SQUID AND GO!!!” screamed Herbert.


· “The squids aren’t attached to the island, aren’t they Gary.” I said. “Nope. Judging by the amount of fuel in the fuel tank they will go about 14.5634 miles before they are out of gas. They then will be stranded there and have to be rescued… again.” We both laughed. “So that’s it? Once again, defeated?” I asked. “Yup that’s it. Now you can go and enjoy your fish pizza you have been craving J



#1 lizzie67231 2011-06-06 03:25
awesome story sk8ergrl483!
i really enjoyed it!
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