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Club Penguin Times Issue #296!

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Make Some Noise For The Music Jam!


Everyone is jumping into the spotlight for the Music Jam. The dance party is in full swing on the Night Club Rooftop. Dancers are breaking out their best moves, and DJs are spinning the hottest tracks..."I want the whole rooftop jumping!" said one DJ. "So I only mix the sweetest beats." "Members have been giving it their all on the new dancefloor. Gather on the color you like best!" said the DJ. "The bigger the crowd, the bigger the beat! We're getting so loud the entire island will hear us!" Keep the tunes cranked! Music Jam rocks out until the 26th!


The next article is a picture showing us the highlights on the Music Jam.



  • Join a conga line at Casa Fiesta
  • Catch live preformences at the Iceberg
  • Members hang out backstage!
  • Break out your best moves at the Dock!
  • Light up the Music Maker 3000!


And last but not least the upcoming events!



June 24: New Catalog for ninjas

June 30: Penguin Style Catalog


So how you liking the music jam? =D



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