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This is Jamie here and I am going to do a new segment called "Random Of The Week." What I will do is i will go find something random, interesting or funny on Club Penguin. Anyways here is what the random thing of the week is.......







WAFFLES!!!!!! OMG ok so you know how The Music Jam is out? Well i was going to go get a pizza for no reason and in the plaza, I saw a waffle stand!!! So of coarse I started to flipp out and I asked the penguin if i could have a dozen waffles. What does he do, he make icecream intead! What a ripp off!!!!!! What do you think? Should Club Penguin make an apron that makes waffles?


And thats Random Of The Week!!!!!!





#3 sda v 2011-06-23 12:22
pink is nice
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#2 adnankarim 2011-06-23 12:21
i am always getting banned
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#1 Goodjake of the GJ Band 2011-06-20 23:29
ROFL! VERY FUNNY I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! I EVEN CALLED MY DAD TO TAKE A LOOK! dozen is 12. You can have 12 waffles once in my secret igloo :-)
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