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Club Penguin Times Issue 298

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Mermaids Sited! Pirates Too!:




The island's boldest adventures and bravest thrill-seekers have gathered in the gift shop! From mermaids to first mates, everyone is diving into the new clothing catalog....

Pirates are trying on the raggediest rags.Mermaids are sparkling in the latest sea-inspired hairstyles. Navy captains are showing off the finest hats."Pip pip!" said on navy captain."With my new hat, its nothing but smooth sailing. And my company will look shipshape in these uniforms."Join the crew of sailors and mermaids-at the gift shop now!


X Marks The Spot:




New island igloo items are coming next week! The Club Penguin Times spoke with one castaway who is preparing his igloo. "I'm gonna hand up lotsa vines," he said. "They're good for swingin!""And for hiddin' too-Ive got to keep my treasure safe from pirates! Its gonna be real easy to get lost in all those sea streamers."

Dig up new treasure in the Better Igloos catalog-starting July 14 in your igloo.


Up Coming Events:




Starting July 14: Igloo updates-Great grottos and undersea igloos ahead!

Starting July 14: Better Igloos-Beachworthy items for your sand castlehome.

Starting July 14: Party Construction Begins-Workers: help prepare the island...for adventure!

(Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 12: Next pin hidden: July 13-July 28)


Above, you saw I underlined sand castlehome. That is because I think they might have an igloo that is a sand castle. I mean it said beachworthy items for YOUR sand castle home. Doesn't that give you a hint that they might give us a sand caste igloo? Be sure to rate and comment on this post! :)






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