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Club Penguin Times Issue #299

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Call Rockhopper To The Party!



"Rockhopper will want to be at the at the party July 22." said one castaway. "He's a Pirate. He likes all that pirate-y stuff." "We're sending an invitation into the sky! We need everyone to go help out at the beach!"

"Luckily, the flare flinger 3000 lights up the whole sky, He'll see the lights for sure!" "Well, Unless he's looking the other way..." "We'll need everyone to help out with the flare flinger 3000," Said the castaway. "We want to launch in a bijilion times!" "If we work together, I'm sure Rockhopper will see the signals!" "I hope he makes it intime - and brings us rare treasure! Like, I don't know... maybe a Squid Lid Hat! That would be so cool..." Invite Rockhopper to the party - launch the flare flinger 3000 at the Beach!


New Igloos Out Now!



Igloo owners are testing the waters with new island homes. Pirates and Navy Captains are setting sail in ship igloos. The Club Penguin times spoke with one mermaid who had to say this: The cove igloo is perfect for all my mermaiding needs," she said.  "I love collecting treasures. Then swimming home to place them around my grotto.The best part is, there's room for all my clamshells!" Find your perfect island home in the igloo upgrades catalog - out now in your igloo!


And lastly the upcoming events:



So are you super excited for the party? I am :) Make sure to rate and comment with your feedback :)

Waddle On CPL!



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