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My Stories And Adventures: Super Ninja!

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The other day I was training to be a water ninja because I keep falling off the waterfall when I saw a faint shadow behind sensei. It didn’t look like a ninja shadow; it was smaller. When Sensei and I said farewell for the day, I decided to stay a little bit longer in the water dojo… but in hiding:



Then as soon as I “left” this figure came out from behind the waterfall. It was a lady with grey hair and looked old like sensei, but wise. She wore a faded pink and black robe. “I’ve been waiting.” Said the lady that had just emerged from the waterfall. “It is time.” Said sensei, “To grab a fish pizza.” The lady laughed and agreed to meet sensei in the pizza parlor. I, of course, was curious so I set off secretly to sneak into the pizza parlor


I arrived just in time. Sensei and this mysterious lady were just getting seated, so I quietly ran under the table the waitress was pointing to.


“Hello young lilly pad. How are you on this evening?” Asked sensei. “Oh as usual dear, just training youR advanced students J How was your day dear?” “Well I am troubled. I seem to have misplaced my glasses in the rushing water at the Water Dojo” the lady laughed.


“No the real problem is, I thought earlier I saw a faint shadow out of the corner of my eye at midday. It didn’t look like you darling, but a shadow with a hat and a puffle on it’s shoulder. I don’t know what it wanted, it just seemed peculiar.” Said sensei. “Well I’m sure everything is alright dear. Why don’t we go home now and have some tea.” And they left.


I followed them secretly to an igloo near the dojo, that looked like a little mini-dojo. It wasn’t a big house; it had a garden in the center of it with the three elements of Card Jitsu: Water, Snow, and Fire. Also along each of the walls were the three elements. In the back of the room was a single table with tea on it where sensei and the lady sat down. As they were sitting down, a shadow like Sensei had described earlier appeared, but sensei didn’t seem to see it. Sensei and the lady had some tea, when the shadow revealed itself: It was ROCKHOPPER! “Oh my grasshoppers! Rockhopper, we meet again.” Said sensei not sounding too concerned.



“Ayyy sensei. Alas, it IS me. I have come here tonight to take your lass to Rockhopper Island, just for a few days until me return to the Adventure Party.” Said rockhopper. “I will not stand for that behavior Rockhopper! Don’t make me use the ‘power of card jitsu’ on you!” said sensei. “It seems you have no other choice.” Said rockhopper


“FIRE!!!” Said sensei as fire suddenly rose up behind him.


“Yarr, load the cream soda barrels.” Said rockhopper.


“WATER!!!” said sensei as rain poured from the ceiling “Arrrrrrg!” said Rockhopper as he was suddenly confronted by fire then water. “Snow…” said sensei out of breath. And Rockhopper ran away. “I’ll be back in time for the Adventure party!” said rockhopper.


I came out of hiding. “Are you ok sensei?” sensei coughed and said, “Yes I’m alright, Rockhopper and I do these friendly battles. They’re just pretend though, we don’t intend to hurt one another. You did good grasshopper. You followed me in the way of the ninja.” Said sensei. “Wait, you knew I was following you the entire time?” I asked confused. “Remember grasshopper, I know everything. I saw your ever move along the way, but you did it in a way, that nobody else noticed, and that is what I call a SUPER NINJAAAAAAAAAA!” just the light poured out and Sensei gave me an amulet. It wasn’t like the one that everyone else has, it was silver. “You will learn about this later, ninja. Harness the powers wisely.” And Sensei disappeared.


Ok so obviously that didn’t happen. There are no such things as super ninjas that I am concerned of. Some of you say these stories are fake, and to that I say ‘yes they are fake’ I do this in my free time so I am not just posting about what all the other CP bloggers post about: cheats, upcoming events parties etc. J I hope you liked this story, and remember to rate and comment with your feedback J Thanks

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