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Penguin Times Issue #300!

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Today the new newspaper came out on Club Penguin.


Cream Soda Missing!Join The Search!


Captain Rockhopper's cream soda delivery hasn't arrived! The whole island is on the lookout for the missing barrels."Arr!This be a treasure hunt! I be needen' yer help mateys," said Rockhopper. "If ye be good at solvin' puzzles-ye best be startin' at the Pizza Parlor.

cream soda continued...

Rockhopper is counting on everyone to help him track down the cream soda.

"Avast! If ye find me barrels, i promise to share'em with ye. It not be a pirate party without me favorite drink! Fair winds,me mateys! Best of luck to ye."

Join the island-wide search-set sail for the Pizza Parlor.



Adventure Tours



Exited sightseers are touring vast rain forests and hidden grottos. Thrill-seekers are climbing tall trees and exploring distant shores.One Tour Guide is dodging exploding cannons in the member-only ship battle."I lead my tours straight into the action!" said one Tour Guide."Sorry I have to yell-these cannons are really loud!""The ship battle is intense! My whole tour group is joining in! Members should climb aboard too. Check out the sign in Town and get ready to battle!"


Upcoming Events




Starting now-Island Adventure Party:

Grab a vine-the party's in full swing!


Starting now-Missing Cream Soda!:

Rockhopper needs your help! Start your search at the Pizza Parlor.


August 1-Tour Guides Get Paid!:

Workers check your mail!


August 5:High-speed snow gear is racing into the gift shop!


Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 28

Next pin hidden: July 29-August 11



Wow lots of exiting new thing coming out! Which is your favorite?!

Make sure to comment on your favorite upcoming event and to rate this comment!


-Jamie5156- :)














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