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EPF: Mini-Mission 21!!

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There's a new field op out! Go to the command room to get started!


1. Read you assignment from G and click accept.



2. Stay in the command room

3. Walk over to the near the the computer on the left side of the teleporter



4. Click on your spyphone



5. Play the new mini-game! Repair the system! Enter directions to the repair-bot. Lead it to the corrupted systems. Be presice! You can only send 5 missions!



6. You have completed this mission! Good work agent!



#4 Polly 57 my CP name 2010-11-08 04:23
see now i know you can only have 5 turns
last site didnt say anything about that!!!
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#3 maribm 2010-11-06 14:30
Sheesh im soo glad i met u at the halloween party i had soo much fun!!!
love ya,
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#2 Astyn2 2010-11-05 02:03
i got it on my 3rd try
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#1 Sheesh4 2010-11-02 18:24
I have to admit, this new puzzle was a bit confusing to me at first, but after a couple (maybe 10) tries, I finally solved it. =)
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