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Inside Out Takeover 2015 FULL GUIDE

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The Inside Out takeover is here and we have a lot to share here at CPL. Lets get started on how you can get the most out of this party!

When you log in, Gary greets you and says how Rockhopper has none of the anticipated side effects and that the Minderizer 3000 is working perfectly!

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Inside Out Party

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Hey guys here is the inside out party from the movie inside out! Can't wait for the party because I can't wait to get the costumes for the characters. Have you seen the movie inside out? Comment below if you have seen the movie and are excited for the party!

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Puffle Party 2013 PLUS Rainbow Puffle!

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The puffle Party of 2013 is here along with the well waited for: RAINBOW PUFFLE! There's a lot of really cool new additions to the plaza along with puffle themed costumes :)

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