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Inside Out Takeover 2015 FULL GUIDE

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The Inside Out takeover is here and we have a lot to share here at CPL. Lets get started on how you can get the most out of this party!

When you log in, Gary greets you and says how Rockhopper has none of the anticipated side effects and that the Minderizer 3000 is working perfectly!

Let's begin by entering Rockhopper's mind to clear it. Hello Rockhopper. This won't hurt a bit! I promise :-)

Woah! This must be the control center for Rockhopper's brain. LOL at the ship steering wheel. Ah Rockhopper, always wanting adventure

In the top right hand corner you can see a button and when you open it, you will see the challenge list and what members and non-members can earn by completing all the tasks

This is what it looks like when everything is completed

When you walk over to the right hand corner, you enter a portal that can take you to one of four memory islands. How cool!

Here's the stinky cheese and cream soda island! LOL at Rockhopper. Always wanting his cream soda. Such a pirate ;-P

The next island is a treasure island sorta place. Obviously Rockhopper wants all the gold!

The next island is his pirate ship. His home away from home

The last island is the Dream Factory. This is where all his dream productions are made. Look at all the behind the scenes stuff!

As you enter each room, look the memory orbs of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. After you find all these items, you will be able to unlock everything on the page as well as get a special gift from Rockhopper for saving his life. 

Members recieve all clothing items and coins :)

Wow! I'm so happy we could save Rockhopper! That was a close one.

Along with all the free items for completing the task, members can TRANSFORM into a rainbow unicorn with awesome dance moves! *hairflip*


Well that's all for today. Have fun with this takeover and help save Rockhopper! Next up: Finding Yarr

So the journey continues...

Waddle On CP!


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