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April Fool's Day Party Here!

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Yay! I just love this party! it's so warped and funny! Here's the cheats:


The free items are a propeller cap, and a King Jetstar Hat! The propeller cap is available for everyone, and the King Jester is just for members. Here's how to find the propeller cap:

1. Go to the Dock

2. Paint the picture (throw snowballs, or in this case, paint balls!)

3. A hat will pop up.

4. Go over to the hat




You have now found the Propeller Cap!

Here's how to find the King Jestar Hat:

1. Go to the snow forts

2. Put your mouse over the big door

3. Walk into the door

4. Go over to the corner




You have now found the King Jetstar Hat!

Next let's go to the rooms that I thinka re cool, and yes we will get to the members room :)


Look at the Forest... it's upside-down!!! Lol! I think it's cool!



Have you ever got stuck in a room just having the arrows spin? Well this room is it! Only you can walk. Go into the mine by walking into the arrows!



Wow I love that room! LOL! Ok next room is the member's room. Check it out:




It isn't much, but it does have a free item. Oh and by the way, there's many other rooms... I just didn't post them all...


So that's about it! I just love this party, don't you? All of the wackiness, and wildness!



#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-04-08 06:57
I know if I was in school when april fools happened I would totally prank my teacher so bad! LOL!
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#1 Jolly233 2010-04-06 07:31
awesome !!! i really want april fools to never end :S
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