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Crabs In the Hidden Lake? :)

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Ok so there are a ton of rooms for the Adventure Party and one room has blue crab costumes!

So what you do is you go down to the hidden lake and go to the sign that says Crabs For Sale.




Click on it and buy your crab costume.




Then put it on and go over to the three sea shells.The sea shells have a pearl yellow red and blue.The red crab will then hold up a sign that says red pearl and then you have to remember which seashell had the red pearl in it. Plus to make it harder, the seashells move around:




When you get one right, the crab will say correct. After you got three correct,you will get a commander coat!


adventure11-party44 adventure11-party45


I personally think it is kind of hard. It took me like 20 minutes to do this game so don't give up on this game just keep on trying.Did you think this game was hard? Remember to rate and comment on if it was hard or not!


-Jamie5156- :)



#4 Crazyp01 2011-07-27 21:53
Hey guys i’ve got a glitch for you, post this on five different places on this website then log on to club penguin. When it says loading inventory press F1 F2 F3 then press shift and you should have 90000.0000 coins and 5 years of membership it realy works trust me ten people used it and they’re so happy! Trust me it works for real
#3 jamie5156 2011-07-25 09:46
yes i think you have to b im sorry :sad:
#2 chesca club penguin fan 2011-07-24 02:37
is it for members only? :-))
#1 Misty474 2011-07-23 20:26
It took me about 5 minutes :D


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