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Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Will Be Released Friday/1000 articles :D

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Today CP made an article about the delayed catalog. It will now be here tomorrow morning :) In other news they gave us a sneak peek of the catalog:


What do you think? Are you saving up to get these new items? Leave me a comment below :D

Also one more thing, this is my 1,000th article done on CPL :) I would like to thank all of you for being here with CPL for 2 1/2 years :) I appreciate you all NO ONE is left out :) <3

Waddle on for 1,000 more articles :)




#5 penny2cool 2011-08-26 10:36
hi you should actuley send a coment
#4 penny2cool 2011-08-26 10:35
i already new about this catolog
#3 poolejack 2011-08-17 10:45
#2 buabhues 2011-08-16 08:59
club panuin !$
#1 Rhyan 2011-08-13 10:36
;-) im so happy they got new stuff

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