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Snow Maze Sneak Peek!

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Awesome! A cold snap is coming to Ski Village on Club Penguin, and so there will be a new Snow Maze going on November 17 - November 19. It will be for members, and there will be new sleds, sporting gear, and lots of cool surprises. Cool! Maybe there will be a rocket sled with rockets on it to make you go faster down Ski Hill! Here's Billybob's sneak peek of the Snow Maze:

Billybob's Snow Maze Sneak Peek

 Billybob's Snow Maze Sneak Peek


I also found another picture of the Snow Maze

Snow Maze Sneak Peek Snow Trekker

Snow Maze Sneak Peek Snow Trekker


This is so awesome! If you look at the second picture, there is a Snow Trekker... maybe we'll be able to buy one, if so that would be awesome!!! I can't wait!!! The maze will probably we like the one from the Medieval Party last May, only in snow form...  So do you think you'll be able to make it through the maze?



#4 puffleblue 2009-11-24 07:34
me either
#3 anahita 2009-11-24 06:36
why not something for the non members
#2 bueeagle 2009-11-18 09:02
its very nice
#1 puffleblue33 2009-11-17 18:30
cool too bad i'm not a member anymore

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