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Mixed Up Club Penguin Play???

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Huh? Um.... wacky but cool. On Friday, Club Penguin (as you already know) is having the Medieval Party... well they are also coming out with a new play... VERY new. Some of the character's personalities are going to be an actor and a ghost... a detective and a hysterical singer? Hmmmmmm, gives you something to think about there! They came out also with a sneak peek!

Image of Club Penguin Stage Sneak Peek Medieval Party

Not much of a sneak peek though :-O .It looks like the puffles at the top of the stage are going to have the Viking Helmets on!!! Oh... in the background it looks like it from the Twelfth Fish play ( It was Club Penguin's second play if you remember!!)
Anything else?  Oh yea the Medieval Party comes out on Friday.


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