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Update On Tomorrow's Activities on Club Penguin

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Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Medieval Party and there's a new stage coming out. Also we have been informed that a new pin is coming out tomorrow. Club Penguin finally arrived with the name for the new stage: The Haunting Of The Viking Opera.


Hmmmm..... it looks like there will be many different viking helmets in this play, a ghost and boats and waves from Captain Rockhopper!!! Cool! :-)

Check back tomorrow for information on tomorrow's activites! We will be updating tomorrow morning.  


#1 Cutie12390 2010-09-19 21:42
The play looks awesome! I wish i could see it, but i think they removed it ( Right after it was released) and i never got to see it. Maybe people didnt like the play that much? Idk why they removed it, but the play looks like an awesome play! Did you see the play? Did you think it was really awesome, awesome, really great, great, good, ok, fair, por, ( I dont know how to spell it) bad, super bad, terrible, or horrible? Can you update this and put pictures on it so i can see it? Like I want to see all the clothes and everyone having fun. ( Or if the play was bad than being bored lol)

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