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EPF Sneak Peek!

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The EPF Command Room is almost finished! Good work to everyone that helped with construction.

There will be a new room coming out soon, along with other surprises. Cp has been coming out with loads of rooms lately... Everyday Phoning Facility, EPF Command Room, Soccor Pitch, now yet ANOTHER room? LOL! Sweet!!

Here's the sneak peek for our orders coming NEXT WEEK!!! Yea!



Its the 1st icon on our spyphone thingy!!! What do you think it is?

Also we will be getting WEEKLY assignments!! Well that sure beats 3 months for a new mission!

So what do you think the new room is? Do you think the teleporter thingy has something to do with it?



#1 speedguy4 2011-06-29 09:38
wheres all the coments!!!

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