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October Sneak Peek!

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Octobrt is just around the corner and like always, Club Penguin gives us a sneak peek of what's coming up in October:




  • Halloween costumes! Look for new and old favorites in the Penguin Style catalog early this month.
  • Halloween Igloo Contest - decorators should look out for a new contest starting October 15.
  • Stamps - earn new stamps for your collections this month.
  • Club Penguin's 5th Anniversary Party - the island turns 5 years old on October 24!
  • The island's annual Halloween Party - including a new member maze called the "Dark Chamber"!
This is really cool! The Halloween Party was my first party in 2007 so this is my 4th one! The dark chamber sounds really cool! Maybe I should give away another membership, oh and by the way I'm going to have a "special" party sometime in October!


#1 Sheesh4 2010-09-28 14:52
Yay! That is so cool! I have never been to your parties, before, but I hear they are really good, and I looked at your posts, about your parties, and the pictures, and they sound GREAT! I can't wait, for it, and the memberships! =D

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