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CPL Coming Up This Month!

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I usually keep this a secret but this month I have so many cool plans for you guys! Here's some details:


1. We will be having our 1st Halloween/Costume Party! I've just started decorating but details (server time, etc.) will be posted on the sidebar soon :) Can't wait! Here's my igloo now:



2. Another membership contest! The details will also be posted ont the sidebar soon. This will be one one month membership giveaway... somewhat like last time... I haven't decided if I'm going to reduce the picture size or keep it the same :)


Well that's about it :) If you want any cool new feature, an idea for the Halloween/Costume party, or an idea another prize (like a series 5 coin code or a card jitsu code) leave a comment below and I will consider it :)



#20 lilly 37584 2011-02-18 04:46
wats going on sheesh 4 i hope no one gets into my cp acount
#19 IM HAPPY1 2010-11-01 08:34
I REALLY WANT A COIN CODE!!!!!! also i would like a golden car jitsu card. pls pls pls pls
#18 gottogethis 2010-10-06 04:00
no! just be quiet adam! i want to change......... ............ hahaha you cvan't stop me! :-)
#17 gottogethis 2010-10-05 14:09
hi people this is sheesh4 but I change the name since someone hacked/used my name so my new name is gottogethis! if the hacker is reading this just use my old one plz!
#16 Rubbatubby8 2010-10-05 09:36
hey skate,, if you accidentally buy 2 membership cards please give me one. my membership ran out and i have no money right now. :l
#15 maribm 2010-10-04 16:32
wow im sooo happy i was th e first one to c ur iggy skata!!
#14 MagicWand124 2010-10-04 15:25
ok ok!
#13 jordan 2202 2010-10-04 11:25
to ice two two fore
#12 Sheesh4 2010-10-04 04:42
please believe me!!!!!!! you know how you can say what your name is if yore not logged in??? i think somebody said that/did that, and typed in the name frame me, or say something mean!!!!!!! but it wasn't me!! i didn't write that comment!!!!!!!!
#11 MagocWand124 2010-10-04 04:13
ok i believe u! :-) now we have to know who did this........... ........

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