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Coming Up In March... FOR PUFFLES!

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Remember when billybob showed us the new food catalog for puffles? Turns out there's MORE! Here's whats coming up in March:




More food: Last week we gave you a sneak peek of new food items for puffles. Soon everyone will be able to stock up on food at the Pet Shop.


Interactive puffles: You asked for it and we've listened. In two weeks, you'll be able to interact with your pet close-up! Plus each puffle will have new animations to show you how they're feeling.


New game: The rumors are true... the team's putting the finishing touches on a brand new game called Puffle Launch


Dude! You can INTERACT with your puffles?! Cool! I want to see what my brown puffle does when I walk up to him :) And the new game sounds awesome! I'm also 90% sure that everyone will be able to do this and the first couple levels of puffle Launch! I seriously cannot wait until all these cool updates come out! What are you most excited about?



#3 CozyBoots9130 2011-02-27 12:43
No! It was me! i dont know how yours got b4 mine! I was exactly 29 mins b4 u! Hmmp! =/
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#2 CozyBoots9130 2011-02-25 16:31
My fave thing is probably that u can interact with your puffles! What is your favorite thing?! =/
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#1 FIRST COMMENT EVER!! : I ♥♥ PUFFLESSSS!!!! 2011-02-24 18:00
fist comment!!! EVER!!1:-) :-) ♥☺☻☺
I THINK IT IS SUPER COOL!! :-)♥ I ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥♥ PUFFLES!!!!
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