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Behind the Scenes At Club Penguin :)

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Have you ever wondered what goes on at Club Penguin Inc. in Canada? Well today CP released a video showcasing all their hard work and what goes on back there before everything gets released :) You can go watch the video here :)


Before i am done with this article though, i want to show you a few things i thought were interesting durring this video :)


can anybody read backwards and tell me what this says? ;-)


  • Rockhopper island map.jpeg
  • puffle abblities :)
  • the director's identity
  • under the iceberg


Recognize the crab ;-)


An old crab :)


Operation black out?! What does that mean.... oh no


An artist working on a Club penguin times issue from november! Cool!


Club Penguin board game coming soon?


Hmmm wonder what this is...


Once again... CP board game coming soon?


I spoke to dave on the phone when club penguin's domain expired :) Haha.... I have a fear of flying fish too dave. Don't worry ;-)


I also spoke to Mallory on the phone. Lol



So yea! What do you think of all the hidden content i found? And what about "Operation Blackout?" What do you think that is? Leave me a comment below with your answer and don't forget to rate if you liked :)

Waddle On CPL!



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