Question Corner: Question 4!

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Last week there wasn't really any wuestion that I could answer so I chose a former one. This one's from Sheesh4:



My question for Question Corner is this: Why can't penguins in Club Penguin actually/literally consume food/drink? Is that too high-tech for the graphics it feature?



Ok first of Club Penguin is really high tech with good graphics too :) Just saying... and second club prenguin probably doesnt have food and drinks because all penguins eat in real life is fish, fish and more fish! That's got to get boring! lol :) But anyway you can still "eat" at the Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlor you just can't literally eat it, but you can make it!



It's kinda like if you have the tennis court and tennis net furniture items. You can't REALLY play tennis, but it's fun to pretend like you're passing the ball back and forth!



I hope I answered your question Sheesh! Thanks again for the question!

If you'd like to send me a question through question corner please send me a comment under this post and next week I'll pick out another question!



#14 chloe87504 2010-09-19 11:42
Hi so As soon As I found out CPL were doing question corner I wanted to ask a question and I still want to ask it but I never got round to doing it, so Here it is: how old is your club penguin account?, why did you make the webste CPL? and what do you usually do while your on club penguin and is club penguin your favourite virtual land?
#13 MagicWand124 2010-09-19 05:21
Here is my question: What kind of stamps will you like to design?!
#12 Cutie12390 2010-09-18 17:13
Why are almost all nonmember items hats, hats, and more hats?
#11 Cutie12390 2010-09-18 17:03
Meet me! Meet me! Im wating in the coffe shop on slippers right now!
#10 Cutie12390 2010-09-18 16:45
Please help me sk8tergrl! I really want to find the squid in aqua grabber! Please, please help! Oh, and we are meeting today at five PM in the coffee shop on slippers. Meet you there! One more thing, please help me to find the squid!!!
#9 Sheesh4 2010-09-18 15:50
What's your favorite stamp, and what is your favorite hairstyle, and why? How long have you had your Club Penguin account?
#8 Sheesh4 2010-09-18 15:49
Haha! That's so cool!
#7 Cutie12390 2010-09-18 15:37
Hi! Remember, we are meeting today at 5:00 PM on slippers in coffee shop in clubpenguin!
#6 sk8tergrl483 2010-09-18 15:30
Thanks! I work really hard every day to try to get at least one stamp :-)
#5 maribm 2010-09-18 15:26
hey skata this is maribm
i was lookin at your stamp book and you almost have every activity stamp
good job
keep going!!!

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