Question Corner: Question 8!

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Hey guys! Once again it's Saturday morning making this post with another Question Corner! This week's question comes from Sheesh4. Let's see what he said:


"Who's your favorite famous penguin, and why? What is your favorite wig/hair style on Club Penguin, and why, and what is your favorite party/event, and why? What is your favorite pin?"


Well here's my answers! Hope you enjoy!


1. Who's your favorite famous penguin, and why?


My favorite famous penguin was hard to choose because I had met every single penguin at least one time. It finally came down to Rockhopper. I like him because anyone can meet him; not just members. I've met him countless times but each time is like a new discovery; we go differnet places, do different things, help him find yarr, and sometimes he tells us stories! He never can be found in a specific room and either, which burns down some of the adoring penguin fan traffic like me ;-)

Also did you know that one time he acutally had a different background? Yes it was when his plants invaded his migrator and started the first adventure party!There's also the new and improved one, which has only come around once! I have all three of them! take a look:



2. What's my favorite hairstyle?


Hmmm.... I do like most the of the hair CP comes out with but my favorite hairstyle has to be the one in my signature look! Lol! I've had that hairstyle even before I made this website but I've always loved it because it looks ALOT like my natural hair in real life :)


3. What's my favorite party/event?


I always like when I make firsts because it's something to remember. Since I started CP in 2007, my first party was the Annual 2007 Halloween Party with the 2 year aniversary immediatly after. If it wasn't for my best friends who helped me find the 2 year party hat, I wouldn't have that now! lol! If you don't know what the party looked like here's some pictures.


The Town! I remember this!



And the last peice of the candy hunt! I remember this was my last peice and I couldn't find it! Then I got the Halloween Scarf! :)



Pretty cool!

Oh and my favorite event has to be when we had the Mountain Expedition! You can read about it here! It was so much fun!


4. What's your favorite pin?


Hmmmmm...My favorite pin is the paddleball pin. This is special to me because I got this pin the first day I was on Club Penguin. I remember walking up to the paddleball and thinking this probably doesn't belong here. When I walked up to it it said I had found a "pin". I had no idea what this was but I went along with it and got it! It will be my favorite forever :) Here's the pin on my first penguin Blueflica.



I hope I answered your question Sheesh4! Thanks for the awesome question!


If you'd like to send me a question through question corner please send me a comment under this post and next week I'll pick out another question!



#3 mac mouse 1 2010-10-18 17:16
how old is youre penguin and what was youre first item?
#2 Sheesh4 2010-10-16 21:24
LOL! I am a girl, not a boy! =-) Thanks for choosing my question! I liked the Mountain Expedition, too, even if there weren't many things/items for nonmembers to do/purchase, but it was still fun. =P
#1 MagicWand124 2010-10-16 14:00
What is your favorite play and why? What is your favorite costume?

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