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PuffleScape Rolls Into the Pet Shop!

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Finally the once beta game, is now avalible to all players :) You can see the homescreen page:


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Puffle Launch Review :D

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Today Club Penguin Launched their first application for Apple's App Store. As many of you know they released it today and I thought I would review it for you guys.

As you know Club Penguin has released many games outside of the actual website such as Club Penguin Game Day for Wii, Herbert's revenge for Nintendo DS/DSi. I am proud to present to you, Puffle Launch:


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Rockhopper Has Been Spotted Through the Telescope!

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Rockhopper, as always, will make an appearence at the Fall Fair. Today we first saw him nearing the island!



I always enjoy following Rockhopper around and watching him tell stories :) Have you ever met RH before?

Waddle On CPL!


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