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Today Club Penguin Launched their first application for Apple's App Store. As many of you know they released it today and I thought I would review it for you guys.

As you know Club Penguin has released many games outside of the actual website such as Club Penguin Game Day for Wii, Herbert's revenge for Nintendo DS/DSi. I am proud to present to you, Puffle Launch:


When I went into apple's app store on my iPod Touch this morning, it was .99$, which is the standard price for most applications there. I always read the discription before buying an application to make sure it meets my standards. Here it the description:




IT'S TIME TO BLAST OFF - A high speed hero, mischievious enemy, and fast paced action.


Everything you love about Club Penguin's Puffle Launch game is now avalible eveywhere you go. Launch your extreme pet puffle and find the fiery prize in each 24 high speed levels! Dodge crazy obstacles, battle the cranky crab who has stolen all your snacks, and discover amazing surprises! Collect Puffle O's, unclock Time Trial, Turbo, and Slo-Mo modes, and earn tons of virtual  coins to transfer to www.clubpenguin.com!


Ready to feel the rush and settle the score? Go ahead, daredevil. Blast off and go get 'em!


CHALLENGE THE CRAB BOSS - Battle Club Penguin's cranky crab and his pesky mechanical claw. Counter his moves with some of your own.


BLAST THROUGH THE SKIES WITH TOUCH CONTROL - Use your multi-touch skills to the extreme and blast Club Penguin's daredevil pet puffle through the skies to get the Puffle O's back!


UNLOCK 3 EXTREME MODES - Take on Time Trial Mode,  Turbo Mode, and repeat all the levels in Slo-Mo.


EARN AND TRANSFER VIRTUAL COINS TO CLUBPENGUIN.COM - Collect Puffle O's and earn tons of virtual coins to transfer to clubpenguin.com



So let's get started with my review of Puffle Launch by 'Launching' the game! (no pun intended ;-))



As you can see you get 3 options when you pull up the game, Let's start with the first choice which is "Information" When you press on that, it pulls up a slide show of all the things you can do on Club Penguin.










And in the corner there is a "credits" button which just shows you their contact information, the version number and stuff like that. If you want to get back to the home page just press the back arrow.



Let's check out the last option which is the transfer coins place. It's going to ask you if you have a penguin, for your username and password to transfer coins.





But what happens if you DON'T have a penguin? Well don't worry because CP figured that all out. They added a 'make your penguin!' right there in the app! It's going to go through just about the same process as on the Club Penguin Website.



If you click the colors button this shows up, the CP standard colors:



Now to get back just press the back arrows and your back to the home page again :) Now let's look at the game play by pressing the big "Play" button in the middle. It will bring you to this page:



As you can see, at the moment there's not that many levels, but don't worry! CP said they would update their apps regularly :) At the moment there are two worlds; Blue Sky, and Soda Sunset, each have 12 levels.


So this is what the game play actually looks like. It has the same layout, but instead of the keyboard, you use your fingers. Pretty cool!



Then at the end of the game this screen pops up letting you know how many puffle O's you got total, a menu button, a replay button, and a next button. Along with that, you see how many coins you earned and you can tap to transfer them, right there :)



One more thing. I recently checked the app store, and they have a chart for the top paid apps. Right now, Club Penguin Puffle Launch is number 12 on that list. Knowing that it only came out a few hours ago, that is a REALLY great start for Club Penguin. It goes to show just about how many penguins out there bought it! Way to go CP!



So thats the end of my review. I would give it a 4.5/5 stars just because they forgot to add a few things:

  • Retina Display support: As you can see some of my pictures are a bit pixalated
  • STAMPS!!! Club Penguin NEEDS to add this.
  • More levels. The amount should suit me for now but in the future more levels would be GREAT :)


Well, that's about it! Thank you CP for the awesome app at a reasonable price! I am sure to be playing this on the bus ride to school ;-)

Based on my pictures, (or if you bought the game yourself) What would you rate this app? Leave me a comment below :) Thanks!




#3 sandly5678 2012-01-15 08:01
i got on my ipod thouch
#2 sonehri 2011-09-17 08:14
i still dont get u just tell me how to tansfar coins to puffle lunch thingy man u r making it to complevating for me
#1 Anonymously Unknown 2011-09-16 15:58
Bought the game! Totally worth it! Recommended for CP fans and lovers :D

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