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My Stories and Adventures: Rainbow puffles take over Cp?

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Hey guys I'm making a story about if rainbow puffles took over Club penguin!


I was in the town when rainbow puffles started appearing everywhere! I exclaimed "There is rainbow puffles everywhere!" I ran to my igloo to look up what was going on and on the computer it said "New rulers of Clubpenguin are the legendary rainbow puffles!"



I was shocked after reading this I started thinking of ways I could make the rainbow puffles not rule Clubpenguin anymore. A few minutes later I got an idea 



I dressed up like a rainbow puffle and asked one of the puffles where the rainbow puffle lounge was. He told me in the attic so i went to the attic and found about fifty rainbow puffles there they were having a meeting so I snuck in and sat down. They were talking about how they could get make Club penguin better. I jumped into the conversation and said "Why did we want to rule Clubpenguin in the first place?" they all looked shocked





The biggest puffle said "We wanted to rule Clubpenguin because the penguins would always abuse us. They wouldn't feed us,groom us,take us on walks, and they wouldn't play with us!" I responded "Okay carry on" and I waited until the meeting was over and then left. I went to my igloo and sent postcards to everyone to that said "Take care of your puffles,they have feelings too"  





After few hours of hiding in my house I received an email saying,

"Dear all Clubpenguin Players,

    The rainbow puffles have backed down from owning Clubpenguin now that they are being loved and taken care of. Thanks to Sk8tergrl483 she found out why they were doing this and made sure everyone took care of their puffles. Now everyone don't forget to take care of your puffles so this doesn't happen again!

                                         Waddle on Clubpenguin

                                                          -Club Penguin Admins"




Thanks for reading and please leave a comment of what you think of the story!

Waddle on Clubpenguin









#2 jules 2015-08-08 13:45
The pengins are mean to puffles and that snot nice either :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
#1 mike 2015-08-05 13:37
rainbow puffles are awesome and I like them vre much too so keep saying that! hahahahahah

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