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My Stories and Adventures: Story 5 The Plan

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After I had heard about Herbert's plan to strike durring the next "noisy celebration" I. immideatly went to HQ. There I met rookie, and my uncle gary trying to decode the crab message.


"Uncle Gary! Rookie! I have important news!" I declared. I then explained to them that Herbet was going to strike durring the next noisy celebration.

Good thing is my Uncle Gary had been working on a new device called the stalker which took fingerprints and heat samples and made a trail of where someone was going. "Great!" I exclaimed! This will be perfect for this investigation!


So we waddled up to the attic to take some samples of the letter. The reader for the finerprints let us know the trail the suspect left for us.


We then followed the trail around the island; through ski village, around the lighthouse, past the dock, in and out of the coffee shop, through the ski village, and finally into the pet shop.


Just then I got a message from Jet Pack Guy saying he saw a crab, but it WASNT klutzy! I replied back to Jet Pack Guy and went to check out.


Then I saw it; the crab. Jet pack guy was right it cetainly wasn't klutzy. Just then the crab loked around as if he was checking for anyone, then quickly hopped into the cannon. The only way I could go after him was to go into the game


I followed him and he led me into a cave. He went inside and i looked inside. There was herbert and probot probably making plans. I decided not to interfear and get into more trouble so I quickly ran back to Gary and reported what I saw. Gary and I talked and started to make plans. We just hoped we weren't too late.



To be continued in following weeks :)



#3 Bttf2 2011-04-19 09:06
Hurray i have a queston for you how do you beacome a agent i have a acount and im not on the lst but not clubpenguin acount this website acoucnt please tell me lizzie67231?
#2 lizzie67231 2011-04-14 19:09
its actually sk8ergrl483 i saw her name under him
and i think by rookie she means jet pack guy
#1 Bttf2 2011-04-13 12:41
That guy Gary you say'd is not Gary its somepenguin dressed like Gary You can say its Gary but its not really i can see anouther name.

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