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Club Penguin Times Issue #287!

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Earth Day Suprises Are Coming



Clothing Designers are coming up with something special for the Earth Day Party.

"We're coming up with two new costumes for members," said one designer. "A Snow Lepord, and an African Painted Dog!". "We hope to give party penguin's a real sense of animal's natural homes," said the designer. "So get ready for some rare adventures at the Earth Day Party!" Aunt Artic, Chief Editor of the Club Penguin Times added this: "Each year, I am amazed by all the generous penguins who donate to Coins For Change. With Earth Day, we have another chance to make a difference. Let's show these animals how much we care. The Earth Day party begins April 21 - I can't wait to see the new costumes!"


Wow! I am excited for these new costumes too :)


Norman Swarm Now At The Stage!



Norman Swarm has been Transformed is Back! With a hidden room and a new pin to find, this play has a role for everyone! "There's a lot going on in this show," said a theatre critic. "I can't wait to join in!" "I'm not much of an actor," he continued. "But I really like helping with all the special effects." Norman Swarm is a scientist who accidentally shrunk down to a teeny tiny bug. To help Norman - actors and stagehands must work together to find a cure. Work together to uncover the hidden room - and help Norman get back to normal. Get ready to join the cast when Norman Swarm hits the stage starting April 15.


And here's the upcoming events :)



Have YOU found the secret entrance in Norman Swarm has been Transformed?


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