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EPF: Field Op Mission 40!

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Hi guys sorry I havent been posting the new updates. My computer was having freezing and loading issues so bad I couldnt even get a small article up withing 15 minutes it took about 45 minutes for a small blog article. Luckily I was almost ready to get a new laptop. So within this week I have gotten my new laptop (which is a lot better than my other one :)) and it took a little bit of time to transfer all the pictures (I have every picture from the first article     this one right now on that laptop :) and some word documents to my new laptop... im sorry but everything now is booted up and ready to run :) let's get started with the new field op  mission :) Like always let's see what uncle gary has for us this week:


The newspaper has announced an Earth Day Party coming on April 21. That's when we expect Herbert and Probot to strike!

We suspect they're discussing the announcement now. Work together to scan remote areas for scrambled radio signals.


Will do gary! So... where's a remote area? How about the iceberg :)



Signal Detected!


Match the frequency. Tune the scanner to match the frequency number. Be precise - you need to stop the scanner

at the exact number



Got it! We found the signal! Now here's a message from Probot :)


Attention Herbert: a new party has been announced.Code Name: 'Earth Day' Purpose: Celebrate the environment.

Proposal: target natural areas durring the event. Operation: Total devestation.



Oh no! They are going to DESTROY the environment? And I thought global warming was bad! What will this do to the island! Herbert already almost sunk it by super heating it.... what will this do? Gotta tell Gary!!!



#3 jbhayleefan 2011-05-19 20:03
this was supposed to be for april 18th!! it is nt right!
#2 BANDREW3 2011-05-06 17:14
#1 BANDREW3 2011-05-06 17:13

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